Lawns and Saints

You might be thinking about why I am going to talk about lawns and saints at the same time. Well I wanted to share my second encounter with viewing Saint Ann.

As was with my first encounter, post is here, this one was unique as well.

I was visiting a family in Florida one year and the had a vast property with many acres. One thing that struck me was how beautiful it was. It was green with tight knit grass. I was tempted to take off my shoes and just run on it. It turns out that this  is not normal for Florida. My friend told me that they have a lawn spraying company that comes out to keep it fed with nutrients that are lacking in the soils of Florida, especially the middle to Southern parts.

In addition to that they have an irrigation system that keeps it watered regularly. In any case the yard was perfect. They gave me a tour of the grounds and led me to their saints garden. It was in here that I saw many saints throughout. They were in unique places with little paths through the garden. They had reflecting pools and birdbaths. It was very peaceful. You couldn’t hear any cars or people and occasionally you would hear the waves in the distant shore.

Toward the back end of the garden they had a statue that I immediately recognized. It was Saint Ann. Only this time she was holding Mary as a babe.

The family had said this was one of the first they had collected and it had a special place in the garden. They were very big on family trees and thought this was important to note who was the one who fathered and mothered a child.

This is how I my second encounter took place. It is funny how I went from never hearing who she was to seeing two places in one year.