How I heard

Saint Ann

It is a funny story I heard about who Saint Ann is. I am not catholic and I never studied saints in Bible school so I it wasn’t something I would naturally hear about. I of course heard plenty about Mary and Martha who seem to the most well known women in the Bible.

Anyway I was planninga trip on a cruise which would of been my first cruise. After months of planning and getting close to actually booking the week long cruise, a friend of mine told me about yacht charters in Miami. Since my cruise was set to leave from Miami I was curious what a yacht charter would be like.

My friend knew me well and one thing I am not fond of is crowds. I really like small groups in quiet well lit settings. Anything outside of that and I am quite boring and non communicative.

The benefits of a yacht would give me all the things I like while still enjoying a trip on the seas to an island destination. Plus it wasn’t much difference in price either. Especially if I found a few others to join me and offset the cost.

I was happy for my friends suggestion however it totally threw off all my preparations. I decided to wait another couple months. I spoke with a company called Royal Yacht Charters and they had a great selection of yachts to choose from.

I know I mentioned I heard of Saint Ann at the beginning and I am getting to that.

When I arrived at the Port of Miami I easily found the beautiful 80″ foot yacht in all it’s pristine glory. Three of my other friends showed up as well and we soon were boarded.

We were given a tour by the captain of all the decks and got our things in our sleeping quarters. I was already feeling better not having booked a cruise.

When weere settled the captiain invited us to the bridge to see how the operations went. It was here I noticed a statue on the main window. I asked the captain what it was and he said it was Saint Ann.

He never took a trip without her watching over them. I thought of course that a statue can hardly guarantee safety or anything for that matter. But certain people truly believe in superstitions and I am not going to make a big deal about it on a giant luxury boat.

Our trip was fantastic by the way. We traveled to the Bahamas and the Keys. We had wonderful seas and excellent food and wine. The sunsets were stunning on the water and it was a truly a memorable trip.

I strongly suggest doing the same if the idea of a cruise brings you pause.

Saint Ann pops up everywhere. I will share my next story soon.